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Find the right combination of solutions poses a great challenge to many engineers, such as in the development of a train. Legislative restrictions, the technical standards, mechanical and electrical requirements and your demands, in terms of design, size, efficiency, cost, etc., are just some of the many considerations required in order to develop the optimum solution for you.

Bächli AG is an expert in finding these solutions for all of your needs. We do not merely sell standard, cookie-cutter products, but instead offer solutions that are tailored specifically to your needs. We will work together with you, step by step, to develop a bespoke solution in the form of a technical service or product for you.

We will first define a preliminary concept for your product solution based on the technical specifications you provide us. The concept includes the technical requirements for energy efficiency, weight, heat, size, price, lifetime cost (including maintenance) and the mechanical implementation in the form of CAD drawings. We also provide consistent and reliable support throughout each product’s lifecycle. After which, we will provide a standard quotation for the developed product.

You may request changes to the technical or mechanical specifications of the product during the offer phase. During this period, Bächli engineers adapt the basic concept and develop it further into a finalized detailed design. After the design is approved, we move into the project planning phase which includes the planning of production documentation and tool construction, the prototype construction, type and series testing, as well as series production.

Energy Efficiency

In addition to electrical specification and legislative requirements, the properties of the transformer/choke can be modified based on other various needs. However, this is a fundamental decision which greatly influences the product design. Bächli AG is capable to design inductive components according to different parameters such as space requirements and design, energy losses and required cooling capacity, sales price pressure and operating cost control.

We would like to present the following four designs to you in greater detail:

Smart-E-Power® series

Smart-E-Power® is a standard developed by Bächli which stands for extremely efficient inductive components. Products with this standard are characterised by the lowest possible losses. The maintenance costs are therefore reduced to a minimum. Moreover, you can be assured that these products produce very low noise emissions.

High-quality materials are employed in our design. The core losses are minimised by utilising grain-oriented transformer laminations and a specially designed Unicore core.

Active contribution to environmental sustainability and energy efficiency are key tenets of our business. As such, achieving an efficiency of over 99% with an output of 25 kVA is one of our achievements.

Sustainable series Our second series “Sustainable” is also another resource-saving product. Our naming of the series as “Sustainable” clearly demonstrates the focus of this design type. Additionally, it achieves a high degree of efficiency. Hence, the lifecycle costs and CO2 emissions are minimised.

Compact series If you require a solution that is as small and light as possible, the Compact series is the best solution for you. Depending on your requirements, the product can be adjusted in terms of its physical dimensions so that it makes the most efficient use of available space. The use of high-quality materials is also guaranteed and clearly reflected in the product quality. Due to minimised noise generation, these products can be used in a wide range of applications.

Standard series If cost effectiveness is the most important criteria for you, the Standard series is the right choice for you. Standard materials are used for models in this series.

There is a high degree of quality awareness. All four series meet the required standards and regulations.

Dedication to environmental sustainability through sustainable design

We aim to be an environmentally sustainable business through reduction of losses and thus decreases in CO2 emissions. In doing so, we can achieve not just a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, but also a greater potential for saving operational costs for you.

All inductive components, including transformers, experience losses in the form of thermal heating. Despite extremely high levels of efficiency of up to 99% in some cases, across Central and Northern Europe, transformer losses are approximately 5.7% on average. The lost energy has to be produced and consequently, consumes more natural resources. Every kilogram of CO2 emission saved protects the climate and our environment.

The CO2-equivalent (CO2-e) describes the connection between losses (in Watts, W) and actual amount of CO2 produced (in kilograms, kg) during energy generation. According to IWR/2013, in Switzerland, Northern and Western Europe, one kilowatt-hour of electricity (1 kWh) corresponds to 590 grams of CO2.

Bächli AG

Bächli is a Swiss tech company that is specialized over the last 70 years in the development and production of electrical components. The company’s range of products comprises highly specialized transformers, chokes and wound products of all kinds that are used in differing industrial products.

Over the past few years Bächli built a very professional cooperation to it’s customers in the field of rail vehicle. Especially the discussion from engineer (customer) to engineer (Bächli) are technically deep and absolutely solution-oriented. This results in solutions specially tailored to the customer’s needs.

To built the best products we use the latest innovative materials to solve energy efficiency requirements. We guarantee the quality of our products through their life-cycle by planning and conducting extensive shaking tests, strength analyses, climatic tests and electrical load tests in cooperation with professional institutes.

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