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  • The Magazine Strength

    A consistent readership, with strong decision making powers, active in all the sectors of Europe’s railway markets.

    A cost-effective magazine

    BtoB Rail Mag’s contact cost and high ROI makes it the medium of choice for railway professionals. Penetration is guaranteed to over 50% of our target audience, and, as loyal customers, 54% of our partners include BtoB Rail Mag in their media plans.

    A clear position
    A magazine focused on the three essentials of Europe’s railway markets: the economics, technical developments, regulatory news.

    A widely-recognised magazine
    Known and identified by 68% of its target audience.

    A high-profile presence on the events scene
    Every year BtoB Rail Mag is actively present as a media partner at all the key trade fairs and congress meetings in Europe. As a result, your commercial message remains at the forefront of the market, ensuring constant exposure and heightened brand and/or product awareness..
  • Our Editorial Approach

    The economics, the development and application of products and services, analysis of projects, regulations governing Europe’s rail markets.

    BtoB Rail Mag puts its readers in touch with the expectations of the men and women in the field.

    BtoB Rail Mag is based on strong values; on providing specialist information that is both objective and independent. Today the magazine is widely recognised – for its content and as an effective B2B communications tool – by all the decision makers, major actors and suppliers in Europe’s rail markets.

    Our editorial team is made up of journalists, with each issue also featuring articles by external contributors, members of European and international rail companies, managers, engineers, technicians, project chiefs, specialists and constructors.

    The market actors are our readers and our contributors. Reports, case studies, interviews and reviews... whatever form it takes, the information published is always first hand and first rate.
  • Our Readership

    Our readership is clearly identified. BtoB Rail Mag is received by decision makers active in all the sectors of Europe’s railway markets.

    BtoB Rail Mag reaches the management and technical directors of major industrial firms, network heads, purchasing officers and international consultants, as well as top management in transport firms, town, city and territorial planning offices, European organisations and institutions.

    BtoB Rail Mag is also a high-profile media partner at all the key trade fairs and congress meetings in Europe.
    This presence guarantees high visibility and wide-reaching distribution at every event.

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    Certified Figures.
    Over 200,000 identified readers.

    We reach 50% of the industrial decision makers in Europe’s rail markets.

  • Publishing Dates

    Published in June 2018.

    European audience & worldwide:
    110,000 potential readers

    Numbers of copies:
    5 000 hard copies


    80 pages on average

    Available in print and online

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