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    InnoTrans is the world’s leading trade fair for transport technology and thus a media event of international significance. Over 1 000 media representatives from 49 countries reported on InnoTrans 2014. The work of the press and PR department, however, focuses not only on the actual fair but also on providing journalists and media representatives with continuous, up-to-date news about the InnoTrans during the time when the show is not running.

    This press area contains press releases; an extensive photo archive and the online version of the “InnoTrans Report” B2B magazine. Accreditation for the trade fair can also be obtained online here from June 2016 onwards. In addition to this, we offer numerous press services for journalists and exhibitors both before and during InnoTrans. They include the Innovation Report and the press guide.

    The InnoTrans press team is happy to answer any questions you may have regarding press and PR matters.


    From setting up and dismantling your exhibition stand to time and personnel planning to your on-site events:
    The design, realization and coordination of a successful exhibition presence is a complex task.

    In order to make it as easy as possible for you to master this challenge successfully the following pages provide all the key information and services as well as the rules for fair organization – so that everything goes according to plan. We hope that your preparations for InnoTrans will go smoothly.

    InnoTrans - more than just ONE event!

    Numerous events will take place within the scope of InnoTrans such as the InnoTrans Opening Ceremony.

    The InnoTrans Convention is also an important element of InnoTrans. Compact, high-quality expert panels discuss and explain the mobility topics which are currently occupying the industry’s attention.

    InnoTrans exhibitors take advantage of the Speakers' Corner to hold presentations and lectures of their own choice, as well as organizing a wide range of events at their stands.

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    E-mailing, key to successful One-to-One operational marketing

    Management of databases – from analysis to usage - is key to every communications solution.
    It is essential for any company wanting to position clients at the heart of its marketing strategy.

    Our services provides a select and ready-to-use database, expanded and updated on a daily basis.

    It enables you to adapt your emailing contacts to your business strategy, and deliver your chosen
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    The first step to every successful marketing campaign - segment and profile your target group.
    From major corporations to small business, the body of executive, decision-makers is always large
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    How to identify the right executive targets ?

    How to discover the role behind their job title ?

    How to assess their true decision-making powers ?

    Gathering information is key to any communication strategy. It is also the most time-consuming and costly phase.

    Our services offers its specialised skills and strategic tool:
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    Why not add a touch of Europe to your direct marketing?
    One of the strengths of our services, is its European dimension.

    Sending European email shots is an efficient and cost-effective way of crossing borders to reach prospects.



    Leads Report

    When you email 10 000 contacts and have 20% opening rate (2 000 opens) then if you have 20% of click rates, we provide 400 leads.

    Leads are the qualified contact generated by your emailing.
    We provide you data details about who click on your newsletter in a excel file.

    You have concrete feedback with complete informations to forward on your business.

    This list is strictly confidential and can be used only for what is dedicated.

    We provide you for each contact :

    Email address :
    Name : Arnold Kuriger
    Function : Key Account & Channel Manager
    Company : BOMBARDIER
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    Company Sector : Rolling Stock
    Company Products : vehicules manufacturer


    Unique Clicks :
    Number of people that clicked on one of the links on your profile page.

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    Total number of clicks on on your profile page, e.g. if a person clicks on the links 3 times, this will be counted as 3 clicks.

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    Soft Bounced :
    The term soft bounce is used to describe an email that has bounced back to the sender, undelivered to the intended recipient due to a temporary problem (ex: the recipient’s server is unavailable or his inbox is full).

  • BTOB RAIL MAG Strength

    A consistent readership, with strong decision making powers, active in all the sectors of Europe’s railway markets.

    A cost-effective magazine

    BtoB Rail Mag’s contact cost and high ROI makes it the medium of choice for railway professionals. Penetration is guaranteed to over 50% of our target audience, and, as loyal customers, 54% of our partners include BtoB Rail Mag in their media plans.

    A clear position
    A magazine focused on the three essentials of Europe’s railway markets: the economics, technical developments, regulatory news.

    A widely-recognised magazine
    Known and identified by 68% of its target audience.

    A clear position
    A magazine focused on the three essentials of Europe’s railway markets: the economics, technical developments, regulatory news.

    A high-profile presence on the events scene
    Every year BtoB Rail Mag is actively present as a media partner at all the key trade fairs and congress meetings in Europe. As a result, your commercial message remains at the forefront of the market, ensuring constant exposure and heightened brand and/or product awareness..
  • Our Editorial Approach

    The economics, the development and application of products and services, analysis of projects, regulations governing Europe’s rail markets.

    BtoB Rail Mag puts its readers in touch with the expectations of the men and women in the field.

    BtoB Rail Mag is based on strong values; on providing specialist information that is both objective and independent. Today the magazine is widely recognised – for its content and as an effective B2B communications tool – by all the decision makers, major actors and suppliers in Europe’s rail markets.

    Our editorial team is made up of journalists, with each issue also featuring articles by external contributors, members of European and international rail companies, managers, engineers, technicians, project chiefs, specialists and constructors.

    The market actors are our readers and our contributors. Reports, case studies, interviews and reviews... whatever form it takes, the information published is always first hand and first rate.

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