For railway systems, safety and reliability are of utmost importance, as failure in sensitive equipment can have catastrophic consequences. This level of safety must also be provided by electronic cabinets installed outdoors on tracks, at train stations and signal boxes, or at level crossings.

These cabinets protect electronic systems for track and signaling applications, radio-based train control systems, and the measurement and evaluation electronics of safety systems on high-speed railway lines, such as axle counters or temperature detection on the train wheels.
The redesigned nVent SCHROFF Outdoor Modular Cabinet is a flexible and reliable solution to ensure the smooth and dependable functioning of sensitive electronics in outdoor environments, and is specifically tested and certified for outdoor trackside railway applications.

As electronics are becoming more and more compact, the need for smaller, modular rack solutions have arisen - often in footprints smaller than 9U in height.

A more compact rack enables mounting in locations previously not available such as on the floor, beneath a seat or in the ceiling of a train.
Design engineers not only face designing to a fixed, limited amount of space, but also must consider the ease of installation and access to the electronics integrated.

nVent SCHROFF offers a standard, compact On-Board-Rack design that is ideal for retrofitting or new systems that must be installed with limited space.

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