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    IVU Traffic Technologies AG

    IVU is a global IT solutions provider, dedicated to helping improve efficiency, punctuality and reliability of public transport in major metropolitan areas as well as for light and heavy rail companies. Over 500 public transport companies world-wide rely on our systems.

    Our clients include national railways like DB (Germany), Trenitalia (Italy), SBB (Switzerland), VR (Finland), VIA Rail Canada, MÁV (Hungary) or VNR (Vietnam). For more information visit www.ivu.com.

    IVU.rail - Planning and Dispatch for Rail Companies

    IVU.rail is the comprehensive software solution for the integrated planning and dispatch of vehicles and personnel of rail companies. Large national railways use it as successfully as regional railways, metros, and rail freight companies.

    The standard software features a clear structure and provides solutions to all challenges modern rail companies face. Thanks to a flexibly configurable set of rules, local peculiarities and specific requirements can be included without any difficulty. Interfaces to existing peripheral systems, which adhere to the RailML standard, guarantee a smooth integration into existing system environments. Powerful optimisation components, which are constantly refined in cooperation with the renowned Zuse Institute Berlin, provide for accelerated planning and dispatch processes and an efficient deployment of all resources.

    Completely made in Germany, IVU.rail helps rail companies all over the world to improve personnel satisfaction while maintaining cost-effective services and thus achieving business objectives.


    IVUrail Integrated Resource Planning
    Integrierte Ressourcen Planung
    IVUrail Integrated Resource Planning FR
    IVUrail Integrated Resource Planning PL
    IVUrail Integrated Resource Planning RUS
    IVUrail Integrated Resource Planning TR
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    Integrated planning and dispatch of more than 9,000 employees

    Berlin/Budapest, 7 November 2017 – The Hungarian state railway’s passenger transport subsidiary, MÁV-START Zrt., is extending its contract with Berlin-based IVU Traffic Technologies.

    The rail company has been using the IVU.rail standard software for the planning and dispatch of its vehicles and employees since 2008. The system was extended last year.

    As the largest subsidiary of MÁV, MÁV-START operates the majority of the passenger rail transport in Hungary with approximately 1,000 locomotives and motor units and 3,000 locomotive engineers.

    The company uses the integrated standard software IVU.rail for planning and dispatch. MÁV-START has now extended its contract with IVU by a further two years, up to and including September 2019.

    Furthermore, since last year the IVU solution has been used to schedule and dispatch 6,000 additional employees, including 3,000 train conductors and 3,000 stationary employees such as cashiers and safety inspectors.


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