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    AEP Ticketing Solutions is the most important Italian company that designs and produces systems and devices for electronic ticketing in Public Transport, with over twenty years of experience. Thanks to its catalogue of dozens of basic devices, available in hundreds of different configurations, AEP Ticketing Solutions produces complete “turnkey” systems in Italy and in the world based on the ET – The Easy Ticketing application suite, for large, medium and small transport companies.

    AEP Ticketing Solutions is committed to being a real alternative to traditional offers, with updated and complete solutions based on open architectures. The continued successes of AEP are based on the conviction that the relationship with the Customer must be of esteem and trust, not with technological barriers.
    AEP solutions are based on full possession of the technologies and on in-depth knowledge of international standards, with very high standards of quality without disregarding the solid management of the project and precise respect of the commitments made.


    Public Transport plays an essential role to guarantee citizens can have access to workplaces, commercial areas, services and to enjoy leisure time.  Public transport makes the sustainable development of individual mobility possible and therefore economic dynamism and social cohesion, through optimal use of the resources, non-renewable energy saving, in the respect of the environment. AEP wishes to contribute to the development of Public Transport, providing users with the best technological solutions for electronic ticketing, to make it more attractive and practical to use, and  Transport Companies with the management tools to make it more effective and efficient.


    AEP wishes to be the highly-esteemed and appreciated supplier of solutions for hi-tech electronic ticketing in the Public Transport sector, for companies, corporations, Systems Integrators and OEM, increasingly present on international markets, by designing…


    • AEP Ticketing Solutions has focused on possessing technologies
    • Contactless and magnetic technologies developed internally in compliance with standards
    • Independence from third party suppliers

    100% in Italy

    • Individual tests on 100% of the devices manufactured
    • Production sites accredited by the Ministry of Transport
    • Factory Acceptance Test developed internally (watch an example on Youtube)
    • No adverse affect or interference with existing trackside equipment such as signalling and telecommunications

    Certified Quality System
    ISO 9001:2008

    • Quality Management System certified by SGS in compliance with ISO 9001:2008 (download the certificate)
    • Production sites accredited by the Ministry of Transport
    • Great attention to regulatory aspects

    Project Management 
    Technology is not enough

    • The start of a new electronic ticketing system is a complex process that involves all the areas of the Transport Company and its supplier.
    • The Project Management allows reaching the objectives of the project by respecting constraints such as costs and schedules, optimizing the allocation of the resources, reducing risks and solving problems as they arise.
    • AEP devotes a whole department to Project Management, made up of competent and expert professionals.

    Test Laboratory
    EM compatibility, Safety, Sturdiness

    • Climatic tests and thermal cycles (EN 60068)
    • Impact tests (EN 62262)
    • Electromagnetic compatibility tests (EN 55024, EN 55022, EN 61000-4-2, EN 61000-4-4, EN, 61000-4-5, EN 61000-4-6, EN 61000-4-8, EN 61000-4-11, EN 50121-3-2)
    • Electric safety tests (EN 60950-1)
    • Rail regulations (EN 50155)

    Contactless and Magnetic Laboratory
    Tests on readers and Electronic Travel Documents

    • One of the best equipped laboratories in Italy
    • Contactless smart cars ISO 14443
    • Contactless readers ISO 14444 and EMV (watch the video on Youtube)
    • Blank magnetic tickets
    • Coded magnetic tickets


    AEP Brochure
    ET The Easy Ticketing

  • NEWS

    AEP in Latin America

    MER Group (quoted also here) is one of the largest Israeli holding companies. Established in 1948. it groups important companies in telecommunication, security and renewable energy, whereas it invests in other sectors such satellite communication, biotechnology and science of materials. For the last few years MER Group has been also proposing Fare Collection Systems by developing its own applications and using devices from its partner AEP.

    MER Group has attended FITRANS 2015, a specialized exhibition which gathers the most representative manufacturers and distributors of passenger transport vehicles as well as accessories, services and technologies for the private and public transport from Colombia and all Latin America. In the picture of the stand you can see the Futura 3B, Futura 3A and CDB-6 PLUS.

    AEP thanks the MER Group for the opportunity and looks forward to increasing success

    AEP visiting Transport For London

    AEP Ticketing Solutions has participated on Sep 16th 2015 to the visit to Transport For London (TFL) organized by Club Italia, aimed at understanding the process which has driven the acceptance of contactless EMV credit cards in addition to the popular Oyster Card.

    The visiting team has been warmly welcome, thanks to the perfect organization coordinated by Claudio Claroni, the Director of Club Italia. The visit, with over twenty participants from the Transport Companies and their suppliers, has been very interesting and has helped understand this huge organization which employs some 85.000 people.

    TFL has invested over 60 million Pounds to integrate their existing system with the so called contactless system which in reality means “use of EMV credit cards to access and pay the public transport” (the Oyster is indeed a contactless card but everybody simply calls it Oyster). The investment has yielded a cost reduction of over 80 million Pounds yearly, with a rewarding feedback from the customers. In its first year the system could then boast a profitable balance sheet.

    Gianni Becattini, AEP CEO, has commented: “AEP firmly believes that the EMV contactless acceptance will gain share in the Public Transport and is heavily investing in developing new products which will be launched within Q2 2016“.

    Futura 3B at Cartes, Paris

    Watchdata Technologies, one of the pioneers in security and authentication of digital transactions, has launched its first wearable intelligent device Sharkey™, with mobile payment functionality, at CARTES Secure Connexions Exhibition and Conference (Paris, Parc des Expositions, Nov 2015).

    To demonstrate the functionality of this extraordinary device,Watchdata has chosen the AEP Futura 3B validators which were exhibited at the stand of the renowned Chinese brand.

    Sharkey™ , an intelligent wearable device resembling a wrist watch, is capable of carrying out NFC payments. Connected through Bluetooth to an Android or iOS mobile terminal, Sharkey™ can be used for contactless payments in public transport (buses and metros) as well as in supermarkets and micropayments as China UnionPay.

    AEP thanks Watchdata for the great opportunity to display its Futura 3B designed by Giugiaro, one of the most famous designers worldwide. The Futura 3B has been recognized as a technological avantgarde as well as one of the best looking validator in the market.

    The Cooperativa in Riolo celebrates its 70th birthday

    The Cooperativa Trasporti in Riolo Terme has been operating in the transport sector since 1945, year of its foundation. Specializing on people transport throughout its growth, it has become a reference for the promotion of its territory and its residents who use their services daily. Nowadays the Cooperativa is a modern transport company based in Riolo Terme and equipped with a bus fleet for any transport necessity. As a matter of fact it works on public and tourist transport, limo services, with minibus and big capacity extra-urban buses with all comforts.

    On Sep 17th 2015 the city of Riolo Terme has celebrated the 70 years of the Cooperativa which, like many other companies of the CO.E.R.BUS consortium, has adopted ET – The Easy Ticketing and the AEP on-board equipment (see sheet).

    In the picture, Luigi Sassoli, AEP Technical Director, presents the Cooperativa new contactless electronic ticket with a demonstration Futura 3B installed on a pedestal in front of a bus , “guarded” by Giovanni Becattini, AEP CEO.


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