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    Locomotive Depot Ventilation and Extraction Systems

    Blaschke Exhaust Extraction Systems provides ventilation and exhaust solutions to help maintain clean and healthy locomotive depots and rail cars.

    Blaschke Umwelttechnik is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of exhaust extraction equipment for engines and diesel exhausts. For more than 40 years the company has developed bespoke solutions for better air quality in maintenance depots for diesel-powered rail vehicles.

    Energy efficient, cost effective, low-noise exhaust systems for locomotive depots

    Blaschke can serve any type of locomotive, as each exhaust system is manufactured according to client requirements. Systems are fitted with smaller pipes than traditional extraction methods to guarantee airtight removal of fumes, directly at the source.

    This increases the power generated and enables smaller fans to be used, reducing energy consumption and noise levels.

    Flexible suction hoods are fitted over exhaust pipes, and can be adjusted easily by remote-control. Hoods are attached to extraction arms that rotate 360° and run on rails stretching the length of the track, offering maximum usability.

    Operating equipment in a clean environment cuts the need for maintenance and spare parts, saving downtime and repair costs. Without exhaust extraction, diesel particles form a layer of dust that puts workers at risk and settles on machines, meaning extra cleaning and maintenance.

    Solo and duo swivel arm systems for effective exhaust extraction

    The solo and duo swivel arm systems are safe and effective exhaust extraction solutions for single and multi-track maintenance of diesel-powered rail vehicles. The compact unit can be used even in narrow indoor conditions, and with the overhead line or built-in overhead crane systems.

    The Blaschke swivel arm system, with slotted-suction channels and height-adjustable flexible hoods, ensures reliable suction for various train and railcar types. Diesel fumes and other gases are fully taken care of, and the hall air remains free from harmful particles.

    The extraction arms have a slewing range from 90° up to 320°. The unit can therfore be used on two adjacent tracks.

    Maintenance and repair of diesel-powered rail vehicles

    'Multi-Bridge' from Blaschke Umwelttechnik offers an ideal solution for all areas of the maintenance and repair of railcars and diesel-powered rail vehicles. The bridge-shaped chariot featuring a slotted-suction system can be used with a variety of diesel locomotives and railcars.

    The suction volume is provided by high-performance, low-noise fans mounted in the hall, the side, or on the roof, and a sophisticated pipe system in the corresponding nominal diameter.

    This directs the fumes from the extract point to the flue. Air in the hall is kept clean and fresh, with the extract unit capturing all diesel exhaust gases and other harmful air particles.

    The stationary exhaust-extraction system, with vertically adjustable extract hoods, has proven simplicity, reliability, and the highest price-performance efficiency.

    The fixed extract units are connected with flexible high temperature hoses that allow you to raise and lower the hood. The capture hood is placed directly on the exhaust of the train set or locomotive and collects all fumes securely.

    Large-flow extraction and isophonic ventilation fans

    The primary function of Blashke fans is to provide a large flow of air to start the extraction process for the exhaust of diesel engines. This is achieved by rotating blades, connected to a hub and shaft, driven by a motor. The flow rates of fans range from approximately 1,000m² / h to 20,000m² / h.

    Fans mounted on the outside of building or on top of the roof are usually installed in an isophonic capsule, protecting the fan from rain, and the environment from noise.


    All rail standards are met, both in terms of safety and quality.
    Safe vacuuming of particles is essential in the rail industry. Blascke systems provide optimum performance.
    Blaschke systems meet the demands of diesel-engine and special-purpose rail vehicles.
    Blaschke offers an extensive rangeof systems, and more than 40 years of experience in the locomotive extraction industry.
    Customers can be ensured of high-quality when using Blaschke vacuum systems.
    Systems are customised to specific client requirements for any kind of locomotive

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    In railway maintenance depots, hands may get grimy but Blaschke Umwelttechnik GmbH keeps the air clean.

    For over 40 years, the Bavaria-based manufacturer has been supplying exhaust extraction systems to the sector, with French Railways (SNCF) its longest standing and biggest client outside Germany.

    Exhaust fumes emitted when servicing and maintaining diesel motor blocks in closed workshops pose a health risk to workers.

    EThe particle components released – such as carbon monoxides, nitrogen oxides, benzene, hydrocarbons and rust particles, depending on the engine and fuel types – are classified carcinogenic by the World Health Organization (WHO).

    In response, over the years Blaschke has developed a range of extraction systems designed to control exhaust fume emissions in workshops.


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