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    Frequentis AG is an international supplier of communication and information systems for control centres with safety-critical tasks.

    In the Public Transport domain solutions leverage more than 70 years of experience focusing on safety-critical communications and applications. Cross-industry expertise gained from supporting control centre communication sets the foundation for industry-leading railway and urban transport solutions.

    With its strong position in operations communication, as well as incident and crisis management, the company also holds the number one market share in GSM-R dispatcher terminal positions; more than 6,000 units are currently deployed in customer control centres in 25 countries.


    Railways are committed to delivering highly reliable, safe and punctual train services. Any deviation caused by an incident presents challenges to regular operations and reacting incorrectly can result in service disruptions.

    A modern incident management system must mitigate this risk, facilitating prompt service restoration while adhering to relevant rules and regulations. The Incident and Crisis Management solution is a combined information, alerting and recording tool for the operational management of incidents and emergencies.


    Operational communication takes place between command and control centres, train drivers, shunting personnel, maintenance personnel, local dispatchers and railway stations. Our mission is to offer operational communication solutions for railway organisations, with a strong emphasis on supporting rail safety.

    These solutions are designed to facilitate smooth and efficient train operations, and are tailored to suit the specific needs of dispatchers in railway command and control centres. In short, all Frequentis solutions are designed to improve the effectiveness of everyday railway processes.

    Our solutions primarily focus on interfacing with GSM-R mobile networks, but also provide a migration path for the integration of existing analogue infrastructures into a unified communication system.


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    Public Transport case studies

    Successful introduction of ECTS level 2 as system integrator

    European railway operators need to implement the European Train Control System (ETCS) and Austria is playing a pioneering role in this process. By the end of 2012, the ÖBB (Austrian Federal Railways) had implemented ETCS Level 2 on 160 km of new and upgraded lines along key routes. A critical element of this success was the optimal management of interactions between ÖBB departments, subcontractors, industry partners, consultants, the authorities and others. The implementation was treated as a cross-company programme and required an expert system integrator: team.

    Swiss Federal Railways
    On the move with FREQUENTIS during Olten dispatching centre relocation

    The SBB operational communication system, originally equipped by Frequentis, had to be moved to a new location. The company was tasked with the move to the new dispatching centre for central Switzerland. Uninterrupted operations had to continue during migration without the typical service disruption caused by deactivating at location A and activating again at location B. The redundant system, careful planning, great flexibility and close collaboration enabled trouble-free migration during live operation.

    Irish Railways
    Improved services and reduced cost with Frequentis

    Iarnród Éireann's (Irish Railways) railway operations are controlled by signalmen, level crossing controllers and regulators at the Central Train Control office in Dublin using a variety of communication systems. The goal was to remove the need for many different operator terminals and hence improve services, reduce cost and prepare for the introduction of a new GSM-R train radio system. Frequentis designed, manufactured, and installed the Integrated Communications System based on two standard products: The Frequentis FTS 3020 communications platform and DICORA dispatch terminals.

    Wiener Linien
    Outage-free voice and data radio-based communication
    Wiener Linien was looking to integrate many ´organically grown´ interfaces and guarantee outage-free service and maintainability. Its operations control centres were equipped with a fully digital solution based on the proven voice transmission system VCS 3020. The highly available solution with fully duplicated and multiple redundancies has worked without disruptions for over two decades. To this day, the VCS 3020 continues to run largely on its original, stable hardware - resulting in ongoing cost savings for Wiener Linien..

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